Veneer on Furniture Good or Bad - Bless, we know Oak Furniture Land have had a rough time recently (see link for latest batch of bad press) but they did really have both barrels from the media when the Daily Mail blasted OakFurnitureLand for using veneers when they had for years being boasting “no veneers in ‘ere”.
Furniture Voucher Codes - Voucher Codes, Promo Codes, Discount Voucher Websites or just Parasites for short Over the last few years there are many websites that have sprung up offering discounts to consumers by way of voucher codes. To naive marketing departments these seem to offer great value as they appear to result in a lot of sales, however […]
Rattan Garden Furniture - We are well into Spring and this is the time of year that customers look from the home and consider adding some furniture to the Garden. Will this summer bring bring a hot summer for the UK?Well according the The Telegraph that is what the Met Office are saying, an extract:- 2016 is set to […]
New Range Truffle Colour Furniture - Exciting news as on both TCC and PS a new range has been launched! As you can see from the image on the right this furniture collection has a painted finish that is quite tricky to describe. The actual colour is close to Farrow and Ball London 6, although the effect on wood is quite […]
Regional Furniture Terms - Its quite a phenomenon the amount of consumers who search for furniture specifically in a region. Despite us having just the one furniture store in Norwich we still promote ourselves for other queries since we offer free delivery to all parts of the mainland UK. We consider our photography to offer a great representation of our […]
Furniture Barn - Furniture Barn entered administration on December 4, 2015. It has been confirmed by their partners at FRP Advisory that trading is continuing across some of its retail stores. Stores in Thurrock, Lakeside and Sutton have already closed as well as warehouse operations in West Bromwich, Doncaster and Thurrock. Many jobs have been lost across the country and administrators are doing their […]
How to: Self Assembly Furniture - Our Corona Furniture is what we would like to call good value and suits those shopping on a budget, its still solid pine though! One of the most common questions we are asked is around clarification of assembly instructions, so we thought it was high time we do a guide to assembling furniture. Now this is quite […]
Stock Market Crash: Will furniture get cheaper - As of the 20th Jan 2016 it looks like the stock markets are crashing, source BBC will this have some impact on the furniture prices? The rather obvious answer is, yes, most likely! The main reason is that this crash is being driven by cheap oil. Cheap oil means cheaper shipping costs and as much of […]
Everybody is Buying Furniture - We are used to seeing furniture spike once Christmas is over but this year the entire market has gone crazy. The chart below shows search volume for furniture since 2005 and the spike this year is epic!
Is Green the new Grey - Furniture Fashion changes slowly over time recently here at Pine Solutions we have noticed the rise in popularity of Grey Furniture. Over at our sister company they have even have a dedicated page for Grey Furniture we all know there are many shades of grey, more than 50 in fact! As we can see from the […]

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