Veneer on Furniture Good or Bad

Bless, we know Oak Furniture Land have had a rough time recently (see link for latest batch of bad press) but they did really have both barrels from the media when the Daily Mail blasted OakFurnitureLand for using veneers when they had for years being boasting “no veneers in ‘ere”.

Actually sometimes a veneer is actually a good choice if you take a look at our sister sites article on Furniture veneers, extract:-

To try and use a different analogy saying solid Oak furniture is better than veneered is a little like saying a car with a bigger engine is better than a car with a smaller engine. For most people this would not be the biggest factor when deciding on which car to buy.

We think the most compelling piece of furniture that actually benefits from a veneer are dining tables. If solid furniture is used then the furniture will need to have grooves to allow the furniture to expand and contract, on a dining table this is the last thing you want, a place for bacteria to hide and breed.