Why We Love Extending Dining Tables

Extending Dining tables are extremely practical and a great option for those lacking space. Investing in an extendable table will ensure you always have additional seating ready when unexpected dinner guests arrive.

Folding tables with hidden leaves are an excellent clutter-free option for your dining area.

extending dining table boston

Which extending table is right for you?

Wood Type and Finish

Extending tables come in many styles so it’s advisable you decide on the wood type and finish you would like before commencing your search, whether it be Pine, Oak or Painted. Oak dining tables are a great choice due to the wood’s quality and durability. Pine dining tables are a good budget choice but ensure that you always protect the wood with place mats and coasters as the wood can be dented easily. If you would like a painted table, there are endless options available in shades of grey, cream and white.

Wood Type


You can find small and large extendable dining tables on the market.  A small table usually extends up to 160cm and large tables can extend up to 310cm. Measure and evaluate your dining space before making your final decision to avoid having to make any returns.

Oakland 90cm-155cm Square Extending Dining Table

Rustic Oak 90cm-155cm Square Extending Dining Table

Montague Oak 180cm-230cm Extending Dining Table

Vancouver Oak 180cm-230cm Extending Dining Table


Extending dining tables are available in a variety of shapes including Oval, Round, Square and Rectangular styles. Think about the space your table will occupy and how it will fit within your dining space when both collapsed and extended. If you are tight on space, square and rectangular styles will be the best option for you.

Salisbury Petite Oak 85cm-170cm Square Extending Dining Table

Salisbury Petite Oak 85cm-170cm Square Extending Dining Table

Canterbury Cream Painted 160-200cm Extending Table

Canterbury Cream Painted 160-200cm Extending Table

Dining Sets

If you don’t have your own dining chairs, then a full dining set is a great option as there are some fantastic offers available that can save you money. Many shops offer a variety of chair options too from leather, to shaker and ladderback.

Light Oak 90-155cm Ext. Table and 4 Shaker Chairs

Light Oak 90-155cm Ext. Table and 4 Shaker Chairs

To view a full range of extending dining tables, visit Pine Solutions.

Dining Accessories

Now you’ve decided on the perfect extending dining table for your home, why not choose some on trend dining accessories to make your table look fabulous and impress your dinner guests.

Dining Accessories

Clockwise from top right:

Geometric Ceramic Vases from Graham & Green

Personalised Egg Cups from Notonthehighstreet

Jackson Ceramic Collection from Graham & Green

Cream Stoneware Jugs from Rigby & Mac




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