Painting Furniture with Chalk Paint

If you’re in need of a new piece of eye-catching furniture for your home this summer, then look no further than our simple guide on how to use chalk paint for painting wood furniture. Chalk paint is a fast, effective and inexpensive way to give your furniture a whole new look. You don’t need to be a DIY expert to use this paint, it’s completely fool proof!

Let’s start by looking at a few of our favourite chalk paint colours to give you some upcycling inspiration.

Chalk Paint Ideas

1. Annie Sloan in Provence  2. Rust-Oleum Chalky Furniture Paint in Chalk White  3.  Rust-Oleum Chalky Furniture Paint in Dusky Pink  4. Annie Sloan in Graphite finished in Dark Wax

What you’ll need:

  1. Pine Furniture
  2. Chalk Paint
  3. Medium Pure Bristle Paint Brush
  4. Clear Soft Wax
  5. 2 x lint-free cloths/rags or an old t-shirt.


  1. Chalk paint doesn’t require the wood to be sanded or primed, saving lots of time and energy, but do ensure that the wood is clean and dry. If you have any cracks or holes in the wood, these can be filled with wood filler before painting. Any knots and grains can be prevented from bleeding through if you apply a clear shellac prior to painting.
  2. Make sure you shake your can of paint before use as chalk paint tends to separate when it’s been sitting still for too long. Using a pure bristle brush, apply the paint to the wood in a sweeping motion along the wood grain, trying to keep your strokes in the same direction. In most cases only one coat is required, but two coats will give a much smoother, solid finish.
  3. Leave the paint to dry completely, this usually takes a couple of hours.
  4. Work the wax into the paint sparingly in circular motions with your lint-free cloth. Buff off any excess as you go with a clean cloth or old t-shirt. The wax will be dry to the touch almost instantly, but bear in mind that it will take up to 5 days to completely cure. We recommend Annie Sloan’s Clear Soft Wax. For an aged effect, there is a dark wax alternative.
  5. If you have drawers on your piece of furniture, why not add some new handles to complete the new look. EBay is a treasure trove when it comes to handles! For high street alternatives, try Oliver Bonas and John Lewis.

If you don’t have a piece of furniture at home to test all of your new found chalk paint knowledge on, Pine Solutions offer some excellent pine ranges at prices that won’t break the bank. We have selected a few of our favourites below.

Pine Solutions Furniture

  1. Cheshire Pine 3 Over 4 Chest
  2. Cheshire Pine Blanket Box
  3. Cheshire Pine Dressing Table Set
  4. Cheshire Pine 4 Drawer Chest
  5. Farmhouse Dresser

All Pine products can be found on the Pine Furniture page.

Useful Tips

  1. Chalk paint can be used on a wide variety of materials including metal, fabric, concrete and melamine. The possibilities are endless!
  2. To achieve a really good shine, allow around 24 hours before buffing.
  3. If your tin of paint starts to dry up once the air gets to it, just add some water and give it a good stir.
  4. You can paint over wax! Fancy a change of colour? No sanding or priming needed.
  5. For table tops, add 2-3 layers of wax for maximum protection

More ideas, tips and techniques can be found on our Chalk Paint Pinterest Board.

Happy Painting!

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