Furniture Voucher Codes

Voucher Codes, Promo Codes, Discount Voucher Websites or just Parasites for short

Over the last few years there are many websites that have sprung up offering discounts to consumers by way of voucher codes. To naive marketing departments these seem to offer great value as they appear to result in a lot of sales, however consider the behaviour of the consumer, demonstrated in the image as follows:-


There is a step not shown that sometimes occurs, at the point of conversion many companies have a field for a discount voucher this sends users scurrying off back to Google for a valid voucher code.

Inevitably the consumer lands on a page with a “reveal” voucher code button that automatically opens the retailers website, drops a cookie and puts the voucher code site in line for some commission.

However, the voucher code did nothing to assist the sale they literally fed of the retailer sucking up their profits. Maybe we should start calling voucher code sites what they are; parasites!

At the Cotswold Company we have banned all of these websites as affiliates and the only Cotswold Company Voucher codes offered are the ones shown in the linked page.

Definition of a parasite:-

an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense

Rattan Garden Furniture

We are well into Spring and this is the time of year that customers look from the home and consider adding some furniture to the Garden. Will this summer bring bring a hot summer for the UK?Well according the The Telegraph that is what the Met Office are saying, an extract:-

Ivory Six Drawer Chest

2016 is set to be the warmest year on record, according to a global forecast by the Met Office.
Man-made climate change, as well as the El Niño oceanic phenomenon – from unusually warm waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean – are cited as the reasons for the hot conditions.
Professor Chris Folland, a Met Office research fellow, said: “2015 is on track to be the warmest year on record, and this forecast suggests 2016 is likely to be at least as warm, if not warmer.”

So now is the time to start thinking about Garden Furniture! We may not offer any furniture suitable for the Garden but our Rattan Furniture fits well into a conservatory!

For example our Farmhouse Ivory 6 Drawer chest pictured on the right might be just what you are after, especially as Painted Furniture is proving so popular these days.

We think it works well in many rooms and many customers have placed in Hallways and Conservatories, it can be utilised as shoe storage.



New Range Truffle Colour Furniture

Exciting news as on both TCC and PS a new range has been launched!


As you can see from the image on the right this furniture collection has a painted finish that is quite tricky to describe.

The actual colour is close to Farrow and Ball London 6, although the effect on wood is quite unique.

The range contains mostly what we would describe as living and dining room furniture, so Dressers, Sideboards, Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, etc.

As we have previously commented we are seeing the fashion in furniture headed in the direction of a wider range of colour finishes, so this will likely prove to be quite popular.

The range is named Albany Furniture or to give its full title Albany Soft Truffle furniture.

This was lanched yesterday, 19th April and is in stock ready for dispatch, as you know with us every piece of furniture is offered with free delivery!

Regional Furniture Terms

Its quite a phenomenon the amount of consumers who search for furniture specifically in a region. Despite us having just the one furniture store in Norwich we still promote ourselves for other queries since we offer free delivery to all parts of the mainland UK.

We consider our photography to offer a great representation of our of furniture  and have even started to have videos so users can see many aspects of the furniture.

Recently we have even gone as far as creating some specific pages for our furniture like our Southampton Furniture page which just highlights the fact that furniture delivery in Southampton is offered completely free of charge!

Over the coming monthes we will add more and add some information for the general public with regard furniture shops in a region and also other points of interest in an area such as other retail outlets, museums and tourist attractions.

Furniture Barn

Furniture Barn entered administration on December 4, 2015.

It has been confirmed by their partners at FRP Advisory that trading is continuing across some of its retail stores. Stores in Thurrock, Lakeside and Sutton have already closed as well as warehouse operations in West Bromwich, Doncaster and Thurrock. Many jobs have been lost across the country and administrators are doing their best to assist these staff in their claims for redundancy.

Furniture Barn Store

It is hoped by the administrators that the surviving parts of the firm will now be able to operate profitably.

Furniture Barn specialise in pine, oak and painted home furniture for the Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom.

If you are looking for an alteranative quality wooden furniture supplier, try Pine Solutions





How to: Self Assembly Furniture

Our Corona Furniture is what we would like to call good value and suits those shopping on a budget, its still solid pine though!
Furniture Self Assembley Nightmare
One of the most common questions we are asked is around clarification of assembly instructions, so we thought it was high time we do a guide to assembling furniture.

Now this is quite probarly not going to work well for all brands but the series might give you an insight into how furniture is assembled. So if you are looking for argos flat pack furniture instructions then this could help you out.

Select read more to view the first video in the series.